Make A Break For It! (Jailbreaking, That Is)


Ever heard of jailbreaking? The iOS is simply the act of removing any imposed restrictions to enable to a fully-functioning device!

In essence, jailbreaking your iPhone means freeing it from any limitations that are imposed by your carrier and/or manufacturer (ie. AT&T, Verizon, or Apple). Jailbreaking involves installing a software application on your computer, before transferring it to your iPhone, where it “breaks open” the iPhone’s file system to enable modification.

The main reason people jailbreak their iPhone is to install and run third-party applications that Apple does not endorse, or make available in its App Store. Phones that are not jailbroken can only run applications obtained through Apple’s App Store. The first jailbreak of the original iPhone was publicized on July 10, 2007.

Android users have the freedom to use any apps they wish, though this comes with additional security vulnerabilities as well. There are usually pros and cons to any decision you make.

iOS jailbreaking is easy to accomplish on your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and even the second-generation Apple TV. Interested in jailbreaking your phone? Take a look at our awesome infographic below, which highlights the pros and cons of jailbreaking your iOS device!